About Almadex

Almadex Minerals Ltd. is an exploration company specializing in the discovery of new mineral prospects. The company currently has numerous company-managed exploration properties, several NSR royalties on projects managed by other companies, company-owned drilling and geophysical equipment, and a strong working capital position. This impressive portfolio of exciting assets is the direct result of over 35 years of prospecting and deal-making by Almadex’s predecessor company, Almaden Minerals Ltd.

In everything we do, Almadex’s team is committed to responsible mineral exploration. We work hard to protect the environment and build long-term prosperous relationships with the local communities where we work.  We believe that our discoveries have the potential to positively impact the lives of those touched by them, and work hard to ensure that is the case.

With a proven track record of prospect generation, excellent risk management, and a commitment to support local communities, Almadex is setting the new standard for exploration and discovery in North America.


With two generations of experience, Almadex’s dedicated management and exploration team has a proven record of discovery. Team discoveries include the Santa Fe Gold Deposit, the Skouries Gold Deposit, the Apex Germanium-Gallium Deposit, the Nevada Scheelite Extension, the Trinidad Gold Mine, the Caballo Blanco Gold Deposit, and the Ixtaca Gold-Silver Deposit.


Almadex maintains a strong financial position and a high-quality asset portfolio. With an extensive asset portfolio as well as equities, gold, and cash, Almadex is well positioned to aggressively pursue new discoveries. For more details on Almadex’s currently financials, please view Stock Info


Almadex takes a creative approach to the business of exploration. Three decades ago, Almadex’s principals pioneered the Joint Venture model, a risk management strategy which allows us to maintain a large and active project portfolio. We continue to streamline our exploration process with five company-owned drills, four of which are man-portable. Discoveries are made by drilling, and Almadex’s ability to drill faster and cheaper with complete company control is a key factor to our success.

Almadex’s man-portable drills allow our team to drill in difficult and mountainous terrain. Small drills also have a smaller environmental impact.


Almadex is a fiscally-responsible company that always seeks ways to tilt the risk/reward relationship in our shareholders’ favour. We maximize potential for reward through diligent research and careful project selection, considering geological potential as well as other conditions favourable to project development such as jurisdiction and infrastructure. We minimize risk by reducing exploration costs through the use of our own equipment or by joint venturing our ideas to maintain a large portfolio of active properties.


Almadex believes that successful exploration should make a positive social difference. By educating and employing local people and financing projects that are important to them, Almadex is committed to improving the quality of life in the communities we work with and within. Read more about our communities partnerships +

Latest News

August 11th, 2023
Almadex Acquires New Copper Porphyry Project in Arizona, USA
July 11th, 2023
Almadex Acquires Five New Target Areas in Western and Southwestern USA