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On May 18, 2018, Almadex Minerals Limited completed a Plan of Arrangement which resulted in the creation of two new companies: Azucar Minerals Ltd. (TSX-V: AMZ; OTCQX: AXDDF) and Almadex Minerals Ltd. (TSX-V: DEX).

For information regarding Azucar Minerals and its El Cobre project, please go to Azucar’s website at

Setting the New Standard for Exploration

Almadex Minerals Ltd. represents the continuation of 38 years of prospecting success of Duane and Morgan Poliquin. The focus of Almadex is the discovery of new mineral prospects. Prior discoveries include the Ixtaca project in 2010, now held by Almaden Minerals Ltd., and the El Cobre project in 2016, now held by Azucar Minerals Ltd.

Almadex has an asset portfolio consisting of numerous exploration properties it manages itself, several NSR royalties on projects managed by other companies (including Ixtaca and El Cobre), plus gold bullion, equities and cash.

With a seasoned team of Mexican geologists and drillers, 6 company-owned drills, and continued oversight from Duane and Morgan Poliquin, the Almadex team is well positioned to make its next discovery.

Latest News:

July 27th, 2020
Almadex Outlines Plans for New Nevada Gold Project and Provides General Exploration and Asset Update

May 9th, 2020
Almadex Minerals Ltd. Grants Stock Options

April 1st, 2020
Almadex Announces Mexican Federal Government Issues Decree to Temporarily Suspend All Non-Essential Businesses, Including Mining and Exploration, Until April 30, 2020 Due to COVID-19

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